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July 22
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"Come down now!"

"Brat, come down! You will fall!"

Levi was walking on the yard, trying to relax himself from the stress that Hanji's experiments gived to him. But in that moment... another problem that he have to deal with.

"What's happening?" Levi spoke to his squad, that was under a tree, looking up to a tree branch.

"It's (f/n)! Hanji was testing on me a potion, but (f/n) suddenly entered the room and poured over her the potion!" Eren explained, worried. Levi looked angrily at Hanji, who was apologizing herself. 

"Well, you have to fix this inmediatly. In three days we will have a new expedition, so FIX IT!"

"O-okay, shorty!" Hanji smiled a little terrified. Eren sighed and looked again up. Petra and Auruo did the same, as Erd and Gunther ran to the castle, searching their 3DMG.

"Now, how is she supposed to be down here?" Petra whispered. Eren looked at Levi. Auruo 'tch-ed', and looked at Levi too. Hanji did the same, and hugged herself in search of protection. "She don't understand us!"

"She have the personaity of a wild animal..." Hanji explained. (f/n) licked her hand and 'meow-ed'. Eren facepalmed and whispered: "A cat... A damned cat... and Hanji was trying to test that potion on me?!"

"(f/n)?" Petra exclaimed. (f/n) looked down at Petra, hugging the branch. Her eyes were shining playfully, but that emotion don't survived to Levi's angst:

"Come down here NOW." He glared at (f/n). She (obviously scared), came down of the tree and sitted on the green grass. Petra smiled and Eren patted her head. She purred but then looked at Levi. Her cheeks started to burn up. Eren laughed and whispered something to Petra, who giggled with a... dangerous face.

"Hey, brats, what are you two doing?"

"Leave them, Levi." Hanji smiled, walking to the castle. Erd and Gunther were walking again to Levi, with coffee and sugar.

"Do you want, Corporal?"

"No. I like tea. (f/n), follow me."

*That night
  Levi's room

"(f/n), STOP already." Levi looked at (f/n), who was licking her hand again. Like a true cat. Levi didn't liked that (f/n) licked her hands, he was almost sick, looking at the beautiful (h/c) haired girl. His hands held a finished paperwork, and his face was tired.


"Yeah, yeah, stop licking your hand!" He rolled his eyes. Before he could realize what was happening, (f/n) was sat on his legs, with a cute face, 'meow-ing' and purring cutely. Levi blushed a bit, as she moved her lips more near to his.


And... she was licking his lips. Levi was obviously surprised, not because he loved her, it was because one of his dreams was becoming truth.

"(f/n),... stop that..." He tried to move her away, but she hugged his torso and keeped licking his pale and thin lips.

"Meow!" She ended, looking at his stormy eyes. Then, she fell asleep on his strong shoulder, purring soundly like a cat.

"Don't wake up, (f/n), you're so cute in your sleep..." Levi smiled a bit, falling asleep on her head.

*15 minutes later

"Um..." (f/n) moaned, waking up. She tried to move her head, but a bigger height was pulling it down. She tried to look up, and she saw a white cravat and pale radiant skin. She smiled and fell asleep again, yet asking herself how she ended sleeping on Levi's shoulder.
Well, an idea from my friend :3
And then my mindo explodes (?) because I wrote this in 15! yes 15 minutes! D:< 

Characters: Hajime Isayama
Plot: :iconrivokko: and Gwyomi (friend nickname :P )
You: Levi Ackerman Levi Rivaille (Clean Freak) [V3] Levi (Replies Back) [V4] Levi Rivaille (Orders) [V2] Levi3 

OFIGFKSGDFGSODK in 15 minutes!!!! OuO
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